Get These High-Def Earbuds for 65% Off

Your ears deserve better than the uncomfortable, cheap plastic earphones that came with your phone. The Earjax ‘Lyrics’ earbuds combine maximum comfort with oversize drivers for high-definition sound. Right now, io9 readers can grab a pair for $34.95 - 65% off retail price.

The Lyrics feature oversize, high-definition drivers that provide full, crisp sound -that’s hard to find with earbuds in this price-range. They come with an array of foam and silicone tips in multiple sizes to ensure anyone can find a snug, comfortable fit. The buds themselves feature a rubberized ABS housing for a soft feel, and the cable is covered in woven cloth, with a gold-plated aluminum jack at its end. You also get a braided extension cable in the box, and a hard carrying pouch. Interested? Head to the link below to purchase.


Save 65% on the Earjax Lyrics Headphones ($34.95 incl. shipping)

Top Features:

  • Oversize high-definition drivers
  • High frequency response and rich bass
  • Multiple foam tip options to ensure optimal fit
  • Woven cloth braid for cable longevity
  • Gold plated, aluminum plug for optimum conductivity
  • Convenient braided extension cable

Shipping is free, but only available to the Continental US. For more details and the tech specs, head for the link below.


Save 65% on the Earjax Lyrics Headphones ($34.95 incl. shipping)

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