Slim Down Your Wallet with 42% off the Vaultskin Lexx

Problem: Your wallet is too bulky. Solution: The Vaultskin Lexx Leather Wallet for iPhone 5/5s, which for a short time is over 40% off. The Vaultskin Lexx is a remarkably slim, well-constructed leather wallet that uses magnets and smart design to drastically condense your wallet.

Been looking to downsize your wallet? Us too! That's why this caught out eye – the Vaultskin Lexx forces you to cut the fat – you only keep the essentials. Plus, by combining phone and wallet, it lessens your required "carry-around" items by one.


>> Get 42% off the Vaultskin Lexx

Some other cool features are:

  • Made of premium, top-grade leather
  • Case extends beyond edges to protect the screen even when face-down
  • The Vaultskin Lexx uses a magnet system to hold up to 8 cards securely in place

The Vaultskin Lexx retails for $63 – Lifehacker readers can get it for $35.99

We've even thrown in Free shipping to the US. Interested? Head over to StackSocial:

>> Get The Vaultskin Lexx Leather Wallet for $35.99 | 42% off | StackSocial

Update: The magnet DOES NOT interfere with your credit cards whatsoever

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