Rocketbook makes “smart” notebooks that send your hand-written notes and sketches to the cloud for instant, permanent access on your smartphone or tablet. The pages erase in the microwave, so you can re-use them and preserve paper. Right now, you can grab a Rocketbook for as low as $23, nearly 15% off their standard price.

Rocketbook has two types of re-useable paper - the Rocketbook Wave erases when you put it in the microwave, giving you up to 5 uses of each sheet, while the Rocketbook Everlast gives you unlimited uses by wiping dry like a whiteboard. Both use an included Pilot FriXion pen, which syncs to your private cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox, and scans right into your smart device.


If you love the simplicity of writing with pen and paper but want the flexibility to store your notes digitally, grab a Rocketbook today. Find out more details at the link below.

Get a Rocketbook Re-Useable Smart Notebook For 15% Off ($23)

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