The Kickstarter-backed ilumi Smartbulb is the ultimate LED lightbulb. It lasts over 20 years, uses 5x less energy, changes color, and is programmable from your smartphone. Mark Cuban even invested on Shark Tank, so you know this is the real deal. Jalopnik readers can save 12% on ilumi – the lowest price online.

The ilumi's top features…

  • Complete control from your smartphone - color, brightness, and more
  • Music Sync — pulse your light to the beat of the music
  • Rise and Shine — wake up naturally with a scheduled sunrise
  • Scene Snapshot — create, save, and replay your favorite lighting scenes with one touch
  • Vacation — make it look like someone is home, even when you're away
  • Individual or group control – with built in Bluetooth LE wireless meshing

…and the specs…

  • 800+ Lumens (similar to 60-75 watt incandescent), dimmable via app
  • 1 – 13 watts
  • Up to 20-year life
  • 2000K to 8000K in white, plus millions of colors

>> Save 12% on the ilumi LED Smartbulb

The ilumi fits standard lighting sockets, and connects to any Bluetooth-enabled iOS/Android device. The free partner app allows you to control everything from color and brightness to simply turning it on and off. According to ilumi, a million different colors can be produced by blending the light from the LEDs. And that's all from a bulb that can last two decades, which is pretty impressive by itself.


Choose from the smaller A21 model or the larger PAR30 for just $10 more. It's a pretty expensive lightbulb at $79, but it'll last you 20 years... this thing is pretty cool! Shipping is free, but is limited to the Continental US. Interested? Check out the link for all the details…

>> Save 12% on the ilumi LED Smartbulb

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