Learn To Build Games With 95% Off The Pro Game Developer Bundle

The hottest new strategy game may be the ultra complex Civilization, but what Flappy Bird showed is that with a bit of knowledge, anyone can turn a simple game idea into a smash hit – and we've built a bundle (now 95% off) to teach you those skills.


While you won't be building Halo by the end of these seven courses, the 31 hours of content should certainly get you started in development. This bundle will give you an education in developing for both Android and iOS, a beginner's guide to HTML5 game development, and a quick-start guide to creating a game with Stencyl. These courses normally cost $989, but the 95% discount on this bundle makes them a little more affordable, just $49.

>> Get 95% Off the Game Developer E-Learning Bundle

Note: We offered this deal to Kotaku readers 2 months ago, and it was so well received, we decided to bring it back for io9 readers. Enjoy :)

Here's what's included:

Creating iOS Games for Beginners

  • Install and include Cocos2d for iPhone in your projects, and understand scene workflow
  • Run animations and actions on your sprites

Learn Android App Development from Scratch

  • Create full-fledged Android applications and games
  • Understand the core concepts of Android programming and the Android SDK

See How Flappy Bird Was Built

  • Gives you the source code see how a simple, addictive game like Flappy Bird is constructed
  • Step by step instruction on creation and approval process

Create Your First Computer Game w/ Stencyl

  • Learn to build logic in a visual interface and design sprites with Photoshop

Intro to Game Design w/ Unity3D

  • Learn the basics of the Unity3D game engine and create 3D game levels with geometry, textures, lights, advanced particles and effects.
  • Publish games to iOS, Android and desktop

HTML5 Mobile Game Development for Beginners

  • Create a game for iOS, Android and desktop using free tools and frameworks
  • Create your first spaceship, farming and virtual pet games

This deal comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and unlimited lifetime access to the courses. Interested? Check out the link below.


>> Get 95% Off the Game Developer E-Learning Bundle


Note: Each course includes instructions for how to download the free software you will need to complete it.

Written by Mark Myerson

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