The Blumoo Universal Remote Control Is Now 50% Off


Blumoo is the ultimate universal remote control, giving you complete control of all your home entertainment devices through nearly any smart device, including Apple Watch and Amazon Alexa. This must-have gadget retails for around $100, but Gizmodo readers can get one today for $52.99 + free shipping - nearly 50% off the original price.

The days of lost remote controls and cluttered electronic gear is over. Blumoo connects your smartphone to your electronic devices for complete access, literally at your fingertips - if it has a remote, Blumoo can control it. Best of all, Blumoo is compatible with nearly all of today’s connected devices: from iOS and Android phones to Apple Watch and Amazon Echo.


Blumoo is well worth it’s standard $100 price tag, but for a limited time, Gizmodo readers can get it for an ultra low price of $52.99 - nearly 50% off. Shipping is included to the US, and will take 1-2 weeks to arrive. Interested? Hit the link below to learn more.

Get The Blumoo Universal Remote & Streaming Hub For 50% Off ($52.99)

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