The daily grind can definitely be eased by adopting best practices, but whether you're trying to email more efficiently or make a to-do list, you have to type a lot. To help maximize your time, Lifehacker readers can get 40% off Typinator or Keyboard Maestro.

In case you were wondering, text expanders allow you to type abbreviations in place of regularly used longer phrases, thereby saving (literally) thousands of keystrokes. Typinator and Keyboard Maestro are considered to be two of the best expanders out there, and each offers something a little different.

Typinator focuses on text, offering to fill in forms with your predefined snippets, and pick up on misspellings with an impressive multi-language auto-correct option. Keyboard Maestro, on the other hand, is all about macros โ€” custom keyboard shortcuts for controlling system functions (windows, menus, buttons) and apps (like Evernote).

And right now, they are both $19.99:

>> Get 42% off Typinator or Get 44% off Keyboard Maestro


Here's a breakdown:


  • Works with any application, and application-specific settings
  • Preformatted text insertion, plus date and time calculations
  • Insert navigation keystrokes and fill out forms with just one snippet
  • Built-in AutoCorrection sets with thousands of corrections for English, German, and French
  • Synchronization support for Dropbox, and snippet import/export

Keyboard Maestro

  • Record and design your own macro shortcuts and activate them at any time
  • Sync macros across multiple Macs
  • Trigger your macros by name or hot key or typed string
  • Control applications, windows, menus, buttons, etc.
  • Work with clipboard history

Typinator comes with licenses for 2 Macs, and it is compatible with OS X 10.5.8+. We can't provide refunds on this deal. Keyboard Maestro comes with 5 Mac licenses and works with OS X 10.8+. It also comes with a 30-day refund policy.


Check out the links below for both deals and more info.

>> Get 42% off Typinator or Get 44% off Keyboard Maestro

Written By Mark Myerson

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