Get 24% Off PuzzleBox Orbit: The Brain-Wave Helicopter

So it looks likely that mind control is the future of tech, which is pretty cool, but this all-drone band isn't what I've been dreaming of. I'm thinking of something more like the Puzzlebox Orbit helicopter.


It looks pretty weird, but the Orbit does actually fly like a chopper, and a NeuroSky E.E.G. headset is supplied so you can send it buzzing around the room with your brain-waves, with Puzzlebox's free app acting as a go-between. The app also provides various concentration-based minigames to play, and the maker crowd will find longer-term interest in the supplied documentation and source code. To be honest, we have no proof that the Orbit is 100% mind-controlled, but it's a fun enough drone not to matter.

The Puzzlebox Orbit is $195 (24% off for a limited time) — scroll down for a closer look.

>> Get 24% off the PuzzleBox Orbit mind-controlled helicopter + free shipping


A roundup of the Orbit's features…

  • Train your ability to achieve and maintain concentration
  • Trigger flight by reaching your personal target mental states
  • Once airborne, steer the Orbit by tilting your mobile device forward, backward, and side-to-side
  • Score points for how long you can keep your Orbit flying
  • Higher difficulty levels score more points faster
  • Gain access to the entire NeuroSky app store for mobile and desktop games and applications

The Orbit just needs an iOS or modern Android device (the HTC One M7 is the only notable exception) to run the app on, and it comes with an infrared transmitter and some spare rotor blades.


Bear in mind that this deal is Continental US only, but shipping is free. See the link below for the special price or more info.

>> Get 24% off the PuzzleBox Orbit mind-controlled helicopter + free shipping

Written by Mark Myerson

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