A camera that fits into tiny spaces can come in handy when fixing clogged drains, engines, or other hard to see problems. This waterproof, WiFi enabled endoscopic camera offers 3 meters of flexible cable and an 8 way LED to help you diagnose problems at the source. Grab one for just $25.50 (720p) or $34 (1080p) and save 40% with code GIFTSHOP15 at checkout.

With an IP67 resistance rating, this camera is completely sealed from dust and water, and can stay submerged for over 30 minutes at a time. It sends 2MP images or streams 720p or 1080p HD video to your smartphone for a detailed exploration, and is also compatible with your desktop to provide a bigger view.

This handy smartphone attachment normally runs for $50, but you can grab one today for just $25.50 (720p) or $34 (1080p) using code GIFTSHOP15 at checkout.

See Hard To Reach Spaces With This WiFi HD Endoscopic Camera (From $30)

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