There’s nothing worse than rushing out the door, only to realize you can’t find your keys. The iHere 3.0 Tracking Device helps you find any of your items easily with just the push of a button. It’s normally $50, but Jezebel readers can get one for over 50% off - just $22.99 + free shipping.

Top Features:

  • Find your lost item with just a click on the easy-to-use app
  • Track iHere’s signal with up to a 75’ radius
  • Several weeks of battery life
  • Doubles as a remote camera shutter
  • Turn on the separation alert to know when you’ve left your phone behind
  • Plug it into a USB port to charge

The concept for iHere is simple - attach it to whatever it is you lose most often, and click the app on your phone. You’ll hear the device alarm, and just like that, you don’t have to scramble to find your stuff ever again. You can track its signal from up to 75 feet away, and the battery will last several weeks. When it does run out of juice, you can simply plug into a USB port to charge.

The iHere 3.0 is compatible with most newer iOS or Android devices, and is easy to attach to any of your valuables. Shipping is included to the Continental US, and will take 1-2 weeks to arrive. Interested? Hit the link below to get the iHere 3.0 for over 50% off.

Save Over 50% on the iHere 3.0 Tracking Device ($22.99 + Free Shipping)

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