Meet your new favorite keychain accessory. The Everyman Porter Key Knife is a minimalist multi-tool that fits right on your keychain and comes in handy for solving everyday problems, like opening packages or cracking open a cold beer. Right now, Jalopnik readers can get one for just $15 - nearly 30% off - plus free shipping.

Top Features:

  • Surgical-grade & corrosion-resistant stainless steel stands the test of time
  • Dual-layer bottle opener
  • Drop-point, click-locking blade cuts through almost everything
  • Automotive-grade Torx T3 star bolt is stronger than a Philips
  • Reinforced key ring for durability
  • Grooved grip for easy open & close
  • Lightweight, key-like design

This lightweight multi-tool is designed to make everyday life easier, without getting in your way. It blends right into your current key setup without adding much extra bulk, so youā€™ll forget itā€™s even there until the moment you need it. Plus, the Porter Key Knife looks awesome, and makes a stylish addition to any keychain.

Normally $21, Jalopnik readers can get the Everyman Porter Key Knife for just $15 - nearly 30% off. To make it even sweeter, shipping is included to the US. This makes for a great gift, so grab one for yourself and everyone on your list before theyā€™re sold out!

Save Nearly 30% On The Everyman Porter Key Knife ($15 + Free Shipping)

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