Save Hundreds On 50+ Hours of Python Programming Training

If you want to learn to code, Python is a great language to start with - it’s multi-faceted and widely used, but easier to learn and understand than most other languages. Right now, Lifehacker readers can save over 95% and get lifetime access to 50+ hours of professional Python training for just $39.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Python Tutorial: Python Network Programming - Build 7 Apps ($299 value)
  • Python Made Easy - The Complete Python Developer Course ($199 value)
  • Python Programming: The Step-By-Step Python Coding Guide ($199 value)
  • Python For Offensive PenTest: A Complete Practical Course ($199 value)
  • A Gentle Introduction to Python Programming ($149 value)
  • Analytics, Machine Learning & NLP in Python ($49 value)

The combined value of all courses is over $1,000, but Lifehacker readers can get the entire bundle for just $39 - over 95% off.


Save Hundreds On 50+ Hours of Python Programming Training ($39)

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