Save 99% on a Lifetime of Apple's iOS + WatchKit Developer Training

Now that iOS 8 is in its prime and WatchKit is on the horizon, it's a great time to start learning Apple's programming software. For a limited time, Gizmodo readers can save 99% on lifetime access to a complete education in developing for all Apple mobile devices.


The road to launching your first app can seem daunting, but tuition like this makes the ride a whole lot smoother. Starting from total beginner level, iOSOnlineCourses offers over 65 hours of content, covering every essential part of Apple's technologies. That includes everything from Swift, the fresh programming language of iOS, to WatchKit, which is the coding environment for Apple Watch apps. There are also tutorials on making both standard apps and games, along with tips on monetizing and marketing your projects. You even get access to the source codes of smash hits, such as Flappy Bird, Candy Crush and Swing Copters. To grab lifetime access to this library of over 720 lectures, visit the link below.

>> Save 99% (over $7,500) on a lifetime of iOS + WatchKit Developer Training

Here's a closer look at the benefits of a subscription:

  • Watch more than 720 video lectures
  • Study popular iOS languages Swift, Objective-C, and more
  • Build apps and games for the new Apple Watch and iOS
  • Learn to program from beginner to advanced with 65+ hours of content
  • Learn marketing and monetization tips and tricks
  • Reskin and modify free app source codes
  • Get source codes for popular game clones like Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, Swing Copters and more
  • Absorb tips from experts who have reached App Store top 10 multiple times

Bear in mind that you will need a Mac or Mac virtual machine to follow along with these courses. The one-time price of $99 gives you unlimited lifetime access, including updates. All sales are final. Check out the link for more.

>> Save 99% (over $7,500) on a lifetime of iOS + WatchKit Developer Training

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