The Code Black Drone is back in stock after selling out in a matter of days, and Jalopnik readers can grab it for 50% off. Right now, you can also get a complete crash pack with spare blades, lights, and motors so you don't have to sweat the crashes - just enjoy the flight.

The Code Black Drone features an HD camera and a six-axis control system. There are also four different mid-air flips in the Code Black's repertoire. It comes with beginner and expert flight modes, so it's perfect for complete beginners and advanced pilots alike. Plus, with the optional crash pack, you don't have to worry about the accidental (but inevitable) run ins with walls, trees, etc. Grab yours at the link below.

>> Save 50% on the Code BlackDrone + HD Camera (Free Shipping)


Here's a run through of the Code Black's top featuresā€¦

  • 4-channel remote
  • 6-axis flight control system
  • 4 flips (left, right, forward, back)
  • Beginner and expert flight modes
  • USB charging cable allows you to charge it by computer (10 minutes of flight time per charge)


ā€¦and things you'll needā€¦

  • 4 AAA batteries (for the remote)
  • Determination to master flight
  • Liking for Batmobile-styled vehicles

Bear in mind that this deal is available worldwide, but shipping anywhere outside the US costs $10 extra. Check out the link for more info and grab yoursā€¦


>> Save 50% on the Code Black Drone + HD Camera (Free Shipping)

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