We're huge fans of all of Doxie's portable scanning products, including the Doxie Flip cordless flatbed scanner. It packs all the features of a standard flatbed scanner into the palm of your hand, and best of all doesn't require any cords to use. Right now, Lifehacker readers can get the Doxie Flip for $49 off.


It's amazing to see a full-fledged flatbed of this size, and it really is as good as the beasts that take up half your desk. The scanner area is see-through, and you simply place it on top of anything you want to scan. Scans are stored on a Micro SD memory card, and the Flip runs on AA batteries so there's no need for a computer to use it. In lieu of its small size, Doxie includes autostitch software that allows you to "staple" multiple scans together into a larger image. You can also convert image formats and sync with most cloud based apps. To grab the Doxie Flip for $49 off, head for the link below.

>> Save $49 on the Doxie Flip Cordless Flatbed Scanner

Doxie Flip Features:

  • Removable lid to scan non-flat surfaces like notebooks
  • Transparent scanning window to ensure perfect alignment every time
  • AutoStitch functionality to merge multiple scans into one big image
  • Color display for adjusting settings and previewing scans
  • Included Doxie app optimizes, saves, and sends scans to the cloud
  • Micro SD card for storing scans on the go, and transferring to a computer later

And a few specs:

  • Dimensions: 10.23"L x 6.46"H x 1.34"W
  • Weight: 1.26 lbs (570 g)
  • Scans at 300 (7 seconds per scan) or 600 dpi
  • Battery type: AA battery
  • 4 GB SD card (2500 scans @ 300 dpi)
  • Battery life: about 200 scans (300 dpi)
  • Scanning area: 4″ × 6″ (~A6, 103×153)
  • Doxie app creates JPEG, PDF, and PNG files

Shipping is free to the US, and it's also available to ship worldwide. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and a full year replacement warranty. Check out the link for more details and grab yours today.

>> Save $49 on the Doxie Flip Cordless Flatbed Scanner

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