Save 40% on the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit Bundle + Magnetic Project Mat

We’re big fans of iFixit’s teardown videos and repair guides, but they also make tools for you to disassemble and repair your own gadgets. Right now, Lifehacker readers can get iFixit’s Pro Tech Toolkit with a Magnetic Project Mat for 40% off MSRP.


The 70-piece toolkit is designed to cover all the techniques and industry-standard parts you’ll come across when fixing phones, tablets, PCs and other devices. It comes in a secure tool roll, and includes a set of 54 driver bits, several plastic prying tools, and electrostatic discharge-safe tweezers. You also get a knife, a ruler, a suction cup, and a wrist strap to guard against static. The other half of the bundle is the Magnetic Project Mat, which is essential when working with tiny parts that you can’t afford to lose. It also doubles as a whiteboard so you can scribble notes as you work. Hit the link below to take advantage of this offer.

>> Get 40% off the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit Bundle ($64.99 incl. shipping)

Top Features:

  • Transport easily in the ultra-portable tool roll
  • 54-bit driver set
  • Measure parts with the steel ruler
  • Hold onto parts lacking handles with the suction cup
  • Protect against static electricity with the wrist strap and ESD-safe tweezers
  • Scrape and cut using the razor tech knife
  • Carefully disassemble items with the soft plastic prying tools
  • Includes magnetic project mat

Shipping is free, but only available to the US. To grab the deal or find out more, check out the link below.

>> Get 40% off the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit Bundle ($64.99 incl. shipping)

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