Let's face it - running out of battery when you're on-the-move sucks. The TravelCard Ultra-Slim Charger is designed to prevent such issues by packing 1500mAh of extra juice into your wallet. Right now, Jalopnik readers can grab one for 26% off.

Plugging in isn't always an option, so a backup battery is the only way of staying powered at all times. Most portable battery packs are bulky and inconvenient, but the TravelCard is compact enough to be a permanent fixture in your wallet or bag. Shaped like a credit card and only 3/16 of an inch thick, TravelCard has a capacity of 1500mAh - enough to give you 30-40% extra charge. TravelCard comes in Lightning or Micro-USB versions so it's compatible with nearly all smartphones. Hit the link below to get yours at the reduced price.

>> Save 26% on the TravelCard Wallet-Size Charger

Here's an overview of the features…

  • 30-40% reserve power with 1500mAh
  • Ultra-slim (3/16 inch thick)
  • Fits easily in a wallet
  • Lightweight aluminum top case
  • iOS version has Apple-certified Lightning charger


Shipping is free, but only available to the Continental US; all sales are final. See the link for more.

>> Save 26% on the TravelCard Wallet-Size Charger

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