Repair Any Gadget With The iFixit Screwdriver Bundle: Save 40%

iFixit creates specialized tools and repair guides to help you easily fix your smartphone, computer, or other gadgets at home. Lifehacker readers can get the iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver Set & Jimmy Tool for 40% off MSRP - just $54.95 + free US shipping w/ code IFIXIT5.


Top Features:

  • Includes 15 fixed-bladed drivers, eliminating lost & misidentified bits
  • Perfect for easily tackling more than 90% of electronics repairs
  • Made w/ high-quality SVCM (Silicon, Vanadium, Chrome, Magnesium) steel shafts, rubberized handles & spinning caps
  • Built to increase grip, durability & corrosion resistance w/ black oxide tips
  • Bundled together in a custom-designed tool roll
  • Collapses to a small on-the-go bundle

iFixit has already amassed a vast library of free repair guides for nearly every device, and offer a variety of specialized tools to help you open and take apart even the most complex hardware (i.e. your iPhone). The Pro Tech Screwdriver Set includes 15 fixed-blade drivers to fit any type of screw you encounter. Each screwdriver is designed with high quality materials for maximum durability and grip. You’ll also get the handy Jimmy tool - a versatile “everything-opener” that can help you open any gadget.

This bundle would cost anywhere from $75 - $100 anywhere else, but you can get it here for just $54.95 + free US shipping w/ code IFIXIT5. Orders will arrive 2-3 weeks after purchase. Interested? Grab yours at the link below.


Save Nearly 40% on the iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver Set & Jimmy Tool

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