Typing on an iPad sucks, but most keyboards avoid the problem. They augment the tablet experience with Bluetooth or a cable. Not Touchfire - by attaching to your iPad with magnets, Touchfire allows you to use your iPad as Jobs intended - only better. Today, Gizmodo readers can get the Touchfire Keyboard for only $34.99.

What makes the Touchfire so exceptional is that it offers you all the functionality of a real keyboard, but in a slim, non-invasive package. The Touchfire is so thin that you can leave it on your iPad when you flip on or roll up the Smart Cover as a stand.

Here’s what else you can expect:

  • Made of flexible silicone rubber
  • Attaches to any iPad using built-in magnets (iPad 2-4) or it’s non-slip edge (iPad 1)
  • Completely transparent so you can always see the keys underneath
  • Feels like a real keyboard: micro-structures within each key provide proper force resistance.
  • Free lifetime warranty

Recently named one of the 100 most brilliant companies of 2013 by Entrepreneur Magazine, Touchfire began with an enormously successful Kickstarter campaign in 2011 (reached over 2000% of its funding goal!) and hasn’t slowed down since – looks like they’re really onto something.


Gizmodo readers can get this deal right now for $34.99 – 30% Off

Important Details: Shipping is FREE for US and International customers, but the price for International customers (outside the US) is $44.99 rather than $34.99.

If you're a tablet-toting power user than today's your lucky day. Head over to StackSocial to check it out:

The Touchfire Keyboard| StackSocial

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