Interested in learning game development? This “Pay What You Want” Game Developer Bundle is a low cost way to get up to speed on all facets of game development, even if you’re a total beginner. Right now, you can pay under $7 for 15 in-depth training courses.

You don’t even need to code in order to start making games. This bundle is split into three collections of courses, with the first being a specialized track for total beginners with no coding experience. It includes five courses on using platforms such as Stencyl and Constructor 2 to build multi-platform titles, plus advice on how to structure story lines and monetize your releases. You’ll also get four courses in Unity 3D, which is the engine behind many big name games, plus six courses about coding games in HTML5. The total value of the bundle is over $500, so paying under $7 is a no-brainer. Head to the link below or read on for more details.

Pay What You Want: Get 15 In-Depth Game Development Courses

Here’s what you get:

  • Game Development for Non-Coders 5-Course Bundle($128)
  • Unity 3D Game Development and Design 4-Course Bundle ($225)
  • HTML5 App and Game Development 6-Course Bundle ($186)

The courses are all delivered through easy-to-follow video tutorials, and this bundle gives you lifetime access to all the courses. You can pay whatever you like for the first mini bundle; beat the average price paid to get all fifteen courses.


Pay What You Want: Get 15 In-Depth Game Development Courses

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