Breathalyzers are both totally practical to have, and lots of fun to use. BACtrack makes some of the best, and their latest - the Trace Pro - combines award-winning, law enforcement-grade technology with a sleek, understated design. It retails for $130, but Deadspin readers can get one today for just $79.99 + free shipping - nearly 40%.

Top Features:

  • Police-grade sensor technology trusted by hospitals, clinics & law enforcement
  • Receive the highest level of accuracy & consistency
  • Immediately start using with one-touch operation
  • View your results on a bright, easy-to-read LCD display
  • This device is DOT/NHTSA compliant (meets all federal requirements)

The BACtrack Trace Pro comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, and is available with free 1-2 week shipping to the US and Canada. Hit the link below to find out more, and pick one up today for nearly 40% off.


Save 40% on the BACtrack Trace Pro Breathalyzer + Free Shipping

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