Looking to get your hands dirty and build some stuff on the Interwebs? Fancy yourself a developer, designer, or entrepreneur? This bundle is a deal (over 97% off) on a bunch of great tools for you. Combining 7 mac apps, 12 web apps, and design resources, we think this bundle (valued at over $3k) is a good deal for $48.

We know you guys love bundles - so enjoy :) This bundle is headlined by xScope (a Designer's best friend), and a handful of other Mac apps. We also included the Growth Hacker Bundle (normally $35 on its own). It features "Pro" level subscriptions to web apps like Moz, AdRoll, SendGrid, and more. If you're looking to build your own website or start a web business - this bundle is a great toolkit.


In full, this bundle includes:

  • xScope ($30) - A indispensable UI tool for designers and developers - 5 Star App Store Review
  • ColorSchemer Studio 2 ($50) - Professional color matching app for Mac
  • Painter Lite ($69) - Ease into the world of digital art
  • CS Hat ($30) - Turn Photoshop layer styles to CSS3 instantly
  • skEdit ($30) - A simple and intuitive HTML editor
  • Pixa ($25) - Quickly organize your image files
  • Fumy ($20) - Paint with smoke!
  • Photoshop Design Templates ($125) - Expertly designed, time-saving assets
  • 15 App Templates ($75) - Fully customizable, hand-coded app templates for iOS 7
  • Hand-Crafted Design Elements ($75) - Vector artwork for your design arsenal
  • 500 Icons ($75) - Universal web icons
  • Train Simple - One month of Adobe Certified Creative Cloud Training
  • Growth Hacker Bundle ($2,400) - 13 subscriptions to engage your entrepreneurial spirit (Moz, AdRoll, Clarity, SendGrid, A/B Testing, LaunchBit, Crazy Egg, Stride, Segment.io, RJMetrics, HitTail, Vero, Heap, GH TV)

The deal is over 97% off some great apps. If you're interested, hit up StackSocial to redeem:

The SuperStacked Mac Bundle | StackSocial

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