Mac Bundles are the best - they're a great way to get software on the cheap. Lifehacker readers can now name their own price for 10 mac apps including Camtasia 2 and CrossOver in the latest bundle from StackSocial. This deal has insane value: $412 of top software for about $10 plus a chance to win the new iPhone 5S!

The inclusion of Camtasia (normally $99) and CrossOver (normally $60) in this bundle is what takes it over the top. According to Lifehacker, Camtasia is the "powerhouse of the screen casting world" and is "packed with features."

This bundle includes:

  • Camtasia 2 ($99) - Lifehacker's #1 rated screencasting tool for Mac
  • CrossOver 12.5 ($60) - Run Windows programs on your Mac (great utility app!)
  • Lucid ($53) - Add animations to web pages w/out code
  • iDocument 2 ($50) - Smart document management for Mac
  • Narrator ($40) - Give words audio depth
  • MacHider ($10) - Securely hide files and folders on your Mac
  • RaySupreme ($40) - Texture, Render, and Built 3D Models
  • Airy ($20) - Powerful YouTube video downloader
  • My Living Desktop ($30) - Display animations on your desktop
  • Compartments for Mac ($10) - A fast and easy to use home inventory application

You can grab three of these apps for any price you want, but you'll need to beat the average price (now at $14) to get everything. Even at $14 this bundle is a killer value.


After selecting your price, you pick a charity to give 10%. The deal ends in a few days and is 99% off some stellar apps - Hit up StackSocial to redeem:

The Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle 3.0 | StackSocial

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