Name Your Own Price For $67 Worth Of Adventure Games

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If you're cool with casual games, this Adventure Game Bundle is a chill way to kick off summer. You'll get $67 worth of puzzles and challenges for whatever you want to pay. Each game works on both Mac and PC. And, 10% of what you pay goes to a charity of your choice.

Note: Any price you bid gets you 2 games. But you must beat the average price to unlock the entire bundle of 6 games.

Here are the contents of this bundle:

  • The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic - Explore 48 levels of creepy animated monsters
  • 4 Elements - Save and restore a crazy ancient kingdom with books of magic
  • Royal Envoy - Save a bunch of bountiful islands from destruction and rebuild them
  • The Tiny Bang Story - Restore a whole planet and chill to nature sounds
  • Storm in a Teacup - A magical adventure in a teacup and lots of physics puzzles
  • Gardenscapes - And always a good way to go zen: Create your own perfect garden!

So there it is. Six games valued at $67 for whatever price you want to pay. Keep in mind, if you want all 6 games, you need to beat the average price. (If you're lower than the average, you'll get your choice of 2 games.) And once you pick your price, you can select a charity, and 10% will be donated automatically. So have fun fighting some mindless monsters. And do some good, too.

>> Name Your Own Price for the Adventure Gamer Bundle [via StackSocial]


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