Master Big Data With This Complete 9 Course Bundle ($39)

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“Big Data” is more than just a buzz-word in today’s tech and business circles - it’s an in-demand skill that can lead to job opportunities and lucrative salaries. The Big Data Bundle features over 60 hours of comprehensive training on all things Big Data for hundreds off the original price, just $39 w/ code BIGDATA10


Here’s what you get:

  • 9 comprehensive courses on all aspects of big data
  • Learn key frameworks and languages, incl. Hadoop, MapReduce, Scala
  • Get on-demand lifetime access to all the content
  • Learn from talented developers with real-world experience

Starting from scratch, these courses guide you through the world of data science. You learn industry standards, such as MapReduce and Hadoop, and find out how to build programs for corporate IT. Whether you want to start a career in IT, go into finance, or even become a sports analyst, this bundle provides the perfect grounding.


Usually over $600, the instruction is currently available for $39 with this deal. Hit the link to save over 90% on lifetime access to all the content, and use code BIGDATA10 at checkout to apply the full discount.

Master Big Data With This Complete 9 Course Bundle ($39)

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