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Master a New Language with Rosetta Stone, Now 40% Off

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Rosetta Stone is the ultimate language learning tool. The platform provides engaging video lessons, and can even compare your voice to native speakers. Right now, you can get levels 1–5 in your chosen language for $150, saving a over 60% off its normal price.


Here’s what you get:

  • Develop your command of the language: read, write, speak & understand
  • Learn basic conversational skills like shopping, ordering, taking a taxi, etc.
  • Move on to advanced language skills like sharing opinions & discussing pop culture
  • Use the supplied headset to compare your accent with native speakers
  • Get 12 live tutoring sessions & play fun mini-games

Unlike learning from a phrasebook, Rosetta Stone helps you truly understand new languages. Starting with the absolute basics, the courses help to build your conversation skills. You also learn how to read and write new words with fun, interactive mini-games, and even get 12 live sessions with native speakers.


This renowned language-learning platform normally charges $250 for Levels 1–5, but you can get the box set now for just $150. There are seven languages to choose from — hit the link to find out more.

Get the Rosetta Stone Levels 1–5 for 40% Off ($150) 

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