If you're at all interested in app development, you'd be wise to learn Node.js. It's quickly becoming the most popular server-side framework for building quick, scalable network apps. For a limited time, io9 readers can save 94% (over $560) on a comprehensive 6 course bundle and learn the ins-and-outs of Node.js.

Most apps need to talk to a server at some point, so it pays (quite well) to know what you're doing back there. Even if you've never heard of server-side Javascript, this bundle will get you up to speed. To grab all 29 hours of in-depth instruction at a heavily discounted price, head for the link below.

>> Get 94% off the Newbie to Node Developer Course Bundle ($39)

Here are the courses included:

  • Node.js for Beginners Course (usually $99)
  • From-Zero-to-Hero Node Program ($197)
  • Learn Node.js by Example Course ($49)
  • Introduction to Node.js Development Course ($39)
  • JavaScript Server Technologies from Scratch Course ($99)
  • Advanced Node.js Development Course ($99)

All sales are final; for more info on all the courses, check out the link below.


>> Get 94% off the Newbie to Node Developer Course Bundle ($39)

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