Learn JavaScript: Save Over 90% On 7 Hands-On Courses

JavaScript is one of the fundamental coding languages of the web - it’s used in nearly all interactive websites, making it one of the most versatile and high-demand languages to learn. Kotaku readers can save over 90% on these 7 in-depth courses to make you a JavaScript pro.


JavaScript is one of the most widely used languages on the web, so it pays (quite well) to know how to use it. Because of it’s widespread use and it’s incorporation of front-end and back-end concepts, it’s one of the best languages to learn as a beginner programmer. This 7 course bundle will get you up to speed on all things JavaScript, from the basics of how to read and write to more advanced concepts like the BackboneJS framework and Node.js. The combined value of all courses is over $470, but you can get the full bundle - over 40 hours of content - for just $39. Get yours at the link below or read on for more detail.

Learn JavaScript: Save Over 90% On 7 Hands-On Courses ($39)

Here’s What You Get:

  • 10-Step JavaScript Course ($99 value)
  • Web Dev with Java: A Complete & Practical Course ($150)
  • JavaScript From The Ground Up ($99)
  • Coding with BackboneJS & Bootstrap CSS Course ($49)
  • Comprehensive JavaScript Programming Course ($29)
  • Programming in JavaScript for Entrepreneurs ($19)
  • Introduction to Web Development Course ($29)

You’ll get lifetime access to all courses for just $39 - 91% off the total value. Hit the link below for more details and start learning JavaScript today.

Learn JavaScript: Save Over 90% On 7 Hands-On Courses ($39)

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