Like to know how to code? Silly question. Whether you want to learn how to build web apps with Ruby, iOS 8 apps with swift, or learn how to code& build games, these e-learning deals have you covered, with discounts of up to 97%. Plus, only Gizmodo readers can grab an extra 10% off with the coupon "gizcode".

Click the heading on each deal for all the details...

If you're wondering which bundle to get – it depends on what you want to build! Read the descriptions below to see what each bundle focuses on. Please note – the prices listed below are before the extra 10% discount. Enjoy!


The World's Largest iOS 8 + Swift eLearning Bootcamp ($99) — 96% off

80 hours of video tutorials on building apps for iOS 8 with Swift and Xcode 6. Learn by creating 70 project apps, working along with John Bura — a developer who has contributed to several top-10 apps.

The Elite Android Hacker Bundle ($39) — 92% off


Or if mobile is more your thing, try this deal. It has seven courses teaching coding in Java, until you can start making your own full-fledged apps.

The Full STACK Hacker Bundle ($49) — 92% off


Eight courses, covering both front- and back-end development. Topics include the standards of web dev, HTML5, Python, GitHub, MongoDB and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Pure Python Hacker Bundle ($49) — 91% off


If you want to focus on Python, then this is the bundle you should be checking out. Over seven courses, you progress from beginner to advanced programming, including bash scripting and geolocation.

The Ruby on Rails Rookie to Rockstar Bundle ($49) — 92% off


Many big-name apps are built with Ruby on Rails nowadays, and these courses show you how to get the most out of this popular framework. Starting from the very basics, you'll end up with a mastery of real-world use cases.

The Jam-Packed JavaScript Bundle ($39) — 91% off


A must-know for all web developers: Javascript. This bundle teaches JS from the ground up, before moving on to advanced skills, and to frameworks such as BackboneJS.

The Ultimate Game Developer Bundle ($49) — 95% off


A complete education in game development, spread over seven courses totalling 35+ hours of video lessons. Looks at building games for desktop and mobile with technologies such as Unity 3D, HTML5, Stencyl, Cocos2d and the Android SDK.

The White Hat Hacker Bundle ($49) — 92% off


Learn how to protect your site with six courses on ethical hacking, penetration testing and working with the command line of OS X and Linux.


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