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Learn To Build Apps With 79% Off The iOS 7 Development Bundle

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At a glance, the App Store looks pretty full, but there's still plenty of room for original ideas — if iFart can make a million, pretty much anything can. If you're thinking of getting into development, here's 79% off a bundle of courses to speed things up.


So it's going to be a while before you build an Instagram killer, but if you're committed to learning, these 9 courses from Infinite Skills cover pretty much all the fundamentals of iOS development. That includes XCode and Objective C, iCloud and Social API integrations, working with Location Services and the Motion Framework, as well as in-app purchasing and more besides. And there's a Non-Programmers course for a gentle introduction to coding, too.

In total, it's 21 hours of content plus resources for $79 — that's 79% off. Scroll down for a look at the courses…


>> Get 79% off the iOS 7 Dev Bundle

  • Learning to Program in Objective C and Xcode for iOS 7 – Gain a solid understanding of programming for both iOS and OS X
  • Learning iOS 7 to Build iPhone and iPad Apps – A comprehensive start-to-finish course teaching the skills needed to build your first app
  • A Non-Programmers iOS Training Course to Building iOS Apps – A ground-up education in XCode, Objective C, and other basics like interface controls and animation
  • iOS Development Workshop for iOS Motion Framework – How to utilize the gyroscope and accelerometer in Apple devices via the iOS Motion Framework
  • iOS Development - Adding In-App Purchasing to iOS Apps – Learn how to utilize in-app purchasing to monetize your ideas
  • iOS 7 Development Workshop for iOS Media Library – showing you how to access and use images, video and audio in your apps
  • iOS 7 Development Workshop for Using iOS 7 Location Services – How to make your apps location-aware for maps, directions and distance measurements
  • Mastering iOS Development for Integrating iOS Apps with iCloud – Get your apps talking with Apple's online storage system
  • Mastering iOS Development for Integrating Social APIs – Allow your users to post their activity to Twitter and Facebook

Please note that you'll need a Mac to follow these courses. This offer includes lifetime access to all the courses on Udemy, and a 30-day money back guarantee. Check out the link below for more info or to grab the deal.

>> Get 79% off the iOS 7 Dev Bundle

Written by Mark Myerson

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