iPin – The Awesome iPhone Laser Pointer Is 40% Off

I hate giving presentations. But there is one chink of (extremely powerful) light in the gloom: the laser pointer. When else in adult life do you get to re-enact Star Wars? Now, Gizmodo readers can get the iPhone powered and controlled laser pointer for $46. Pricey? Yes! Totally awesome? Yes!

The iPin is a fully work-safe laser pointer that fits into your iPhone's (or iPad's) headphone jack, and is powered by a few drops of juice from your phone's battery. The iPin also comes with a clip for easy storage on your headphones' lead. Plus, if you download the free accompanying app and hook it up to your computer via Wi-Fi, you can control slideshows from your phone. All in all, it adds up to a smart little package, and it currently is 41% off.


>> Get the iPin Laser for 41% Off + Free Shipping

Here's the lowdown…

  • Included: iPin Laser, Quick Guide, Earphone Clip (for storage of iPin Laser), free iPin app from the App Store, free iPin host app for your computer.
  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.9; Windows XP to Windows 8.
  • Both versions (case-compatible and not) are discounted and available.

And the thoughts of the mighty Giz


"Designed strictly for safe work purposes like highlighting information during a presentation, the iPin sips power from your iPhone but shouldn't drain its battery unless left on for endless hours…and it even has a safety [switch] to ensure it can't be accidentally turned on when you don't need it."


This offer is open to anyone in the Continental US, and free shipping is included. This laser pointer is still $46, which is pretty expensive, but for such a cool device, some might think it's still worthwhile. Check out the iPin via the link below:

>> Get the iPin Laser for 41% Off + Free Shipping

Written by Mark Myerson

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