Immediately Upgrade Your MacBook's Storage With 10% off Nifty Drive

Macbooks are definitely gorgeous computing powerhouses, but some models haven't got the biggest internal storage. Unfortunately, external hard drives are slow and bulky, while SSDs are expensive. One potential solution is the Nifty MiniDrive Air.

In essence, the Kickstarter-funded MiniDrive Air is a MicroSD to SD converter that's happy to work with any make or size of card, meaning that it works as a tiny, speedy SSD. It fits flush inside the Macbook's SD card slot and has a cap which is made of Apple's kind of brushed aluminum. With the Nifty Drive, the storage available inside your MacBook Air immediately expands by however large the MicroSD card is.


Right now, Gizmodo readers can get the MiniDrive Air for 10% off, now making it $35.99.

>> Get 10% off the Nifty MiniDrive Air + Free Shipping

Here's a rundown of the Nifty's best bits…

  • Precise Design – sits completely flush inside your MacBook's SD card slot
  • Hand-polished Aluminum Cap – that matches the finish of your MacBook
  • No Capacity Limits – works with all brands, sizes and specifications of microSD card
  • Plug and Play – no need for installation, internet, or technical expertise
  • Includes a free 2 GB Mini SD Card

And a look at the reviews

"...an easy way to boost your MBA's storage by taking advantage of the laptop's integrated SD card slot. " – Gizmodo

This offer is Continental US only, but shipping is free. Please make sure to select the correct model of Macbook when you purchase. Check out the link below for more:

>> Get 10% off the Nifty MiniDrive Air + Free Shipping

Written by Mark Myerson

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