The Jogger bluetooth headphones from Avantree are designed to keep up with your lifestyle, combining a comfortable behind-the-head wireless fit, water-resistance, long battery life, and great audio quality. Jalopnik readers can grab a pair for $29.99 - 25% off MSRP, and the best price on the web.

There’s plenty of wireless bluetooth headphones options around, and the Joggers are definitely at the top of the list for their price-range - see their current 4-star rating on Amazon for proof. What sets them apart is their versatility - it’s the perfect pair of headphones to keep around at all times, whether you’re working out, taking calls on the go, or just lounging around. They normally run for around $40, but you won’t find a better price than $29.99 shipped. You can also upgrade to the pro version for just $34.99, which features a longer battery life and bluetooth 4.0. Head to the link below to grab yours or read on for more details.

Grab The Top-Rated Avantree Jogger Bluetooth Headphones For 25% Off

Top Features:

  • Rock out w/ the stylish & lightweight behind-the-head design
  • Enjoy optimal flexibility w/ a one-size-fits-most configuration
  • Field phone calls quickly: device automatically pauses songs for incoming calls
  • Play, pause & select tracks
  • Wear at the pool or during workouts thanks to the waterproof qualities
  • Use while gaming or chatting via phone & over VoIP

Shipping is included in the sale price, and will take 1-2 weeks to arrive. Grab yours at the link below.


Grab The Top-Rated Avantree Jogger Bluetooth Headphones For 25% Off

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