Ever since Napster, my iTunes has been a mess. I have hundreds of tracks that are duplicates, and hundreds more unnamed tracks titled "Track #." We think many Lifehacker readers can relate to this problem, so we put together this deal for 40% off the new TuneUp - the best tool for automatically cleaning your iTunes.

With the new TuneUp 3.0, your iTunes will be clean, organized, and ready for listening. TuneUp is a simple yet powerful tool for PC and Mac that use acoustic fingerprinting technology to automatically clean your iTunes. With TuneUp, you'll get an in-depth report of your library's status before and after.

Some Advantages of TuneUp:

  • Works on both PC and Mac
  • Deletes duplicate tracks to save you hard drive space
  • Fixed mislabeled songs and fills in missing metadata and artwork - no more ambiguously titled "Track 1" or "Track 7"
  • It can work with music stored on the cloud - but you must download to hard drive first
  • Note: This software isn't perfect. But, it's a great deal on a program that can help you take a big step forward with getting your library organized.


Though some of the older version of this program have been a bit lackluster, version 3 is impressive. Lifehacker readers can now grab this deal for $29.99 - 40% off from $50. This is the lowest price the new TuneUp 3.0 has been offered at since it's release, and still comes with a 30 day guarantee / refund policy. So, if you're not happy - get your money back.

If you want to join the 12 million other people currently using TuneUp, head over to StackSocial to check it out:

>> TuneUp 3 | StackSocial

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