Big Discounts On Top Mac Apps – Dragon, TextExpander, TuneUp, More!

We've put together a roundup of deals on top Mac Apps specially for Lifehacker readers. For a little while, you can grab 50% or more off the best speech-to-text software (Dragon Dictate), keyboard shortcut TextExpander, audio editor TwistedWave, and more. Enjoy!

Dragon Dictate 4


Dragon is the undisputed champion of turning speech into editable text, and it's ridiculously accurate — 99.9% is the claim. It will also convert pre-recording audio files into text, and it works in virtually any app that uses text. Plus, it allows you to control apps with your voice, which is pretty useful when you're jotting down notes, for instance. Both Macs and PCs are covered; Dictate is for OS X, while NaturallySpeaking is the Windows version. And right now, both have deep discounts via the links below…

>> Get 50% off Dragon Dictate for Mac 4 – $99.99

We also have 20% off the PC version – Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 [PC]


TuneUp, is the best tool for automatically cleaning your iTunes. It's is a simple yet powerful tool for PC and Mac that use acoustic fingerprinting technology to automatically clean your iTunes. With TuneUp, you'll get an in-depth report of your library's status before and after.

Some Cool Features of TuneUp:

  • Deletes duplicate tracks to save you hard drive space
  • Fixed mislabeled songs and fills in missing metadata and artwork - no more ambiguously titled "Track 1" or "Track 7"

>> Get 60% Off TuneUp – $19.99

TextExpander 4 – Macworld Editors' Choice


Email signatures, form responses, personal info – all these things you type over and over every day, but there's a better way. TextExpander lets you create keyboard shortcuts to auto-fill any kind of information, whether it's paragraphs of text, pictures, or anything in between. This one efficiency hack is a must-have for any Mac user.

>> Get 51% off TextExpander – $17



TwistedWave gives you all the functionality you need to record, compress and master audio projects. It's a powerful yet intuitive audio editor, and Lifehacker readers can grab it for 74% off.

>> Get 80% Off TwistedWave for Mac – $20

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