It's great that phones are getting slimmer and smaller, but for folks who need a bit of extra juice on the road, carrying around a bulky backup battery pack usually makes handset pocketability pointless. Not so with Vorson's Bookmark battery, though…

The Bookmark has an impressively slim waistline of just 4.7mm, making it 2.8mm thinner than an iPad Air. Just as importantly, Vorson hasn't cut down on power capacity, squeezing 2500mAh into that svelte figure (enough for 12.5 hours of extra video playback), and the Bookmark is also shockproof and flame-resistant. Of course, there are plenty of other skinny batteries out there, but the Bookmark seems like a nice all-round combination of compactness, design and price — especially now that it's 35% off, making it $38.99.

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Here's the lowdown:

  • All Day Battery Life – With 2500 mAh capacity, the Bookmark gives your device up to 12.5 hours of additional video playback.
  • Slim Design – 4.7mm thin with a flame-resistant housing and battery, and high protection against short circuiting, plus shockproof casing.
  • Touch Activated – Just like your smartphone, all you need to do is touch the charging indicator to find out how much battery life you have left.
  • Fits Anywhere – Contoured glossy shockproof housing that's designed to fit comfortably in your pocket, bag or carrying case.


This deal is available only in the Continental US, and shipping is free. For the deal or more details, head for the link below.

>> Get 35% Off the Vorson Bookmark Slimline Battery + Free Shipping

Written by Mark Myerson

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