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Stress Blocks and Spinners are the latest desk toy craze designed to focus your mind and help you destress by keeping your hands occupied while you think. Right now, you can get both just $10, get a single Stress Block for $8, or two for $14.


The Stress Block is covered in buttons, thumbwheels, shapes, and textures you can fiddle with, while the spinner produces a soothing, cycling motion when you twirl it in your fingers. Both are designed to boost your concentration and relieve stress, and unlike with tapping or pen-twirling, you won’t annoy your colleagues as you fiddle your way towards increased focus.

Hit the link below to get one of each for just $10. If you just want the Stress Blocks, get one for $8, or a two pack for $14.


Get This Bundle Of Addictive Stress Toys For Just $10

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