Mophie’s Powerstation 8X is one of their sleekest and most powerful external battery packs. It’s thin and portable, but packs 15,000mAh of power - about enough to charge your phone 8 times. Grab one today with a 2 year warranty for just $72 with code PS8X at checkout.

Top Features:

  • Boasts enough battery to recharge a smartphone up to 8 times
  • 15W Dual USB ports let you charge two devices simultaneously
  • Enables pass-through charging while connected to a power source so your device charges first, then the Powerstation recharges itself
  • Slim, compact design makes it ultra-portable
  • Use the Mophie Power app to monitor & manage the battery life of your phone & Powerstation battery

Get one today with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty for just $72 with code PS8X, over 50% off the original price.

Get The Mophie Powerstation 8X Battery Pack For Over 50% Off ($72)

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