Get a Lifetime of Serpstat's All-in-One SEO Platform For Just $35

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Serpstat’s cloud-based SEO platform is an all-in-one growth hacking tool that helps digital marketing professionals automate SEO processes. It remains the top rated SEO tool on Product Hunt, and while their basic subscription costs over $200 / year, you can get a lifetime subscription today for just $35.


Serpstat features five modules to help keep your site SEO optimized:

  • Global Rank Tracker - track the top 100 domains for any keyword without needing to create separate projects for monitoring competitor’s ranks.
  • Backlink Analysis - monitor the backlinks of your and your competitors’ websites.
  • Keyword Research - get deep competitive analysis to help you find competitors and define missing keywords for a single URL.
  • Site Audit - see how well your site is optimized, and compare that to the quality of your competitors.
  • Competitor Research - Get the complete list of websites and pages in organic and paid search that rank for the keywords in the same niche.

Serpstat is an essential tool for anyone trying to optimize their site and get a leg up on their competition. Get a lifetime subscription today for just $35, less than the normal cost of two months.

Get a Lifetime of Serpstat’s All-in-One SEO Platform For Just $35

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