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Get 95% off Great Apps and Resources w/ The Productive Design Mac Bundle

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Being a designer is hard. People think that it's all just drawing pretty things, but we know differently. To help out, we've put together a bundle that includes top productivity apps (like Ember), design apps (like Pixa) and some design subscriptions. Then, we took took 95% off the price.


For your reference, Ember is a gorgeous space for collecting visual inspiration across all your Apple devices, while Pixa is an image library made for designers, with tagging options and cloud sharing integration to match. Also included is TotalFinder for extra file sorting options, Anime Pro Studio's slick animation environment, Poser 10 for realistic 3D modeling, and Art Text 2 to speed up icon and banner design. And to round off, you also get the Design Hacker Bundle, which pays your subs for services from InVision, 99designs, Swiftly, Divshot, Piktochart, and more.

>> Get 95% off The Productive Designer Mac Bundle ($39.99)

Here's the bundle…

Ember (MSRP: $50)

  • Take pixel-perfect screenshots, and organize your images with powerful tagging, sorting and even color analysis
  • View images from your favorite blogs with "Subscriptions" – Ember's reimagined way to read blogs and RSS feeds
  • Sync to iOS (Ember for iOS available separately on the App Store) and other Macs via Dropbox

Pixa ($25)

  • Auto tag useful information like colors, size, web addresses and more
  • Export and share images with full Dropbox, CloudApp and Imgur integration
  • Easily grab screenshots or snap full web page images

Poser 10 ($130) + Instructional Video Portfolio

  • Integrated Pixar's OpenSubdiv library, Comic Book Preview for line control, and bullet physics for rigid body and soft body dynamics
  • 9 new human and cartoon figures with incredible facial expressions and personality, plus 5GB of ready-to-use 3D figures, props and scene elements

Anime Studio Pro 10 ($200)

  • Easy animation with bone-rigging, and vector-based drawing tools to draw directly in Anime Studio, or import your favorite digital images from Photoshop
  • Preview animations before committing to rendering; Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) acceleration to boost performance

Art Text 2 ($20)

  • Create beautiful text for your advertisements, brochures, letterheads, newsletters and more
  • Enhance your website with a huge selection of buttons, icons, and logos – or create your own

TotalFinder ($18)

  • Set up tabs for your different folders, and make Finder available system-wide on a hot-key
  • Adds cut and paste functionality

Design Hacker Bundle ($500)

  • Subscriptions to services from top-ranked companies like InVision, 99designs, Swiftly, Divshot, Piktochart, and more
  • Everything you need to prototype, test and optimize your design work

In all, the contents of this bundle is valued north of $900. Purchasing gets you instant access to everything in the bundle, and all the apps are Mavericks-compatible (please check backwards compatibility on the product page). Head for the link to grab the bundle…


>> Get 95% off The Productive Designer Mac Bundle ($39.99)

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