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Get 92% off 7 courses with The Android Hacker Bundle

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What do you get when you team up some amazing future hardware with a beautiful upcoming OS? A seriously bright future for Android, that's what. If you'd like to jump on the trend, this bundle of app development courses will help you get started – and for a little while it's 90% off.


The 7 courses included in The Android Hacker Bundle are enough to pick up a serious working knowledge of Android development — it's 52 hours of learning. But just as importantly, you've got beginner, intermediate and advanced courses packaged together, so it's not necessary to take big leaps before you're ready. There's also a course on how to perform penetration testing to ensure security, and there's a whole course dedicated to learning via real world projects, too.


>> Get 92% off 7 courses with The Android Hacker Bundle ($39)

  • Learn Android App Development from Scratch – How to set up a SDK, what an application package is and a number of other Android building blocks, plus working with UI components; make 20 Android apps along with the instructor
  • Beginners Android Development – Learn how to launch activities, perform operations, pass data and receive results, and alert the user to an event
  • Intermediate Android Development – Learn to display interactive messages with AlertDialogs, scroll an activity with ScrollView/HorizontalScrollView, make your apps adapt to orientation changes, and use fragments
  • Advanced Android Programming – Learn how to pass extra data to an activity and receive results, perform long-running operations in the background, and use notifications
  • Java Essentials for Android – Learn about Java data types, control structures (if-then-else, loops) and arrays
  • Learn by Building Android Apps – An in-depth approach to studying the Android platform, and valuable suggestions behind developing a pleasing and effective UI design
  • Learn Android Hacking and Penetration Testing – Learn how to Fuzz applications, carry out man in the middle attacks, and understand the internals of Android app reversing and malware analysis

All of these courses come with lifetime access and a 30-day money back guarantee. When you finish each course, you'll receive also certificate of completion. Check out the link for all the details…

>> Get 92% off 7 courses with The Android Hacker Bundle ($39)

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