Get 90% Off The Full Stack Hacker Bundle – 8 Courses For $49

Web development is like mechanics for the internet, enabling you to dive under the shiny hood to trick out the engine. But to master it all and become a full stack developer, you need a serious education. This bundle of courses should help.

Just make sure to set aside some time — the 8 courses total 70+ hours of content, and they cover pretty much all the languages and frameworks used in modern development. That includes flashy front-end CSS and AJAX, as well as the important unseen stuff like MongoDB and MySQL. Programming with Python and HTML5 is also covered, as is working with online resources such as Amazon Web Services and Github.


Bundled together, this knowhow is currently $49 (92% off). Scroll down for a closer look.

>> Get the Full Stack Hacker Bundle for $49 (92% off)

  • Become an Amazon Web Services-Certified Developer – Understand basic automation on AWS, prepare for Certified Developer certification
  • The Complete Web Developer Course – Learn HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, PHP, MySQL — everything you need to know to create beautiful websites
  • GitHub Fundamentals – Learn how to create, show, verify, delete and merge branches, use the config and init command, create a GitHub account, and navigate the GitHub UI
  • Learn Computer Programming with Python – Covers installing and setting up the development environment, and basic computer programming concepts
  • Marketplace & Daily Deals: Coding for Entrepreneurs – Walks you through building a user-generated vendor marketplace and a daily deals site, using Django, Python, Bootstrap and more
  • HTML5 Fundamentals – Teaches how to code HTML for web design, an understanding of HTML5 development tools, and what not to do in your HTML
  • Master PHP & MySQL from a Leading Zend-Certified PHP Trainer – Plan and apply PHP and MySQL to specific examples, before creating your own real-world projects
  • Learn to Use MongoDB – Learn how to install and use MongoDB in your applications, and on Mac/PC/Linux

This bundle gives lifetime access to the courses on Udemy, and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Head for the link to grab the deal or get more info.

>> Get the Full Stack Hacker Bundle for $49 (92% off)

Written By Mark Myerson

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