Get 75% Off The Serious Sam Gamer Bundle

The name of the Serious Sam series always was a little ironic — it would be hard to keep a straight face while blasting through the alien hordes with ridiculously oversized guns. But the discount on this SS PC bundle is definitely serious…


If you've been perusing the Steam Summer sale and wanting more, check out this bundleIt includes six games bearing Sam's name, so basically, if you love Serious Sam, or just like the sound of giant circular saw-wielding gorillas, this is your fix. Currently, the bundle takes 75% off the total price…check out the link for more, or scroll for the details.

>> Get 75% off The Serious Sam Bundle (Steam)

Here's what you get…

Serious Sam 3: BFE + Bonus Packs (The Perfect Game?)

  • Tape down the trigger and lay waste to a never-ending onslaught of attackers, including new unforgettable minions
  • Battle across the expansive battlefields of near-future Egypt, bursting with total chaos
  • Unleash Serious Sam's arsenal of weapons, as you carry them all at once and switch between guns on the fly

Serious Sam 2

  • Frantic arcade-style action – blast through a never-ending supply of 45 outrageous enemies and 7 intimidating bosses
  • Over 40 levels
  • Unleash Sam's arsenal of classic and newly added guns like the Klodovik

Serious Sam Double D XXL

  • Challenge Rooms and Serious Secrets – keep the action coming with challenge rooms packed with waves of attacking beasts

Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

  • Fight your way through 15+ nightmarish warriors from Mental's army in the surroundings of ancient Egypt
  • Wreak havoc with a huge pile of weapons including Double Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Minigun and Cannon
  • Co-op and versus multiplayer with up to 16 players

Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter

  • Unleash mayhem on South America, ancient Mesopotamia and medieval Europe
  • Fight with 27 nightmarish warriors in Mental's army, including some of your old favorites
  • Wreak havoc with a huge arsenal of weapons including the Sniper Rifle, Flamethrower and Chainsaw

Serious Sam: The Random Encounter

  • Battle across 3 retro-styled worlds with Serious Sam's band of quirky commandos
  • Turn-based strategy – select from a variety of dynamic items to increase your party's stats, or bring the house down with the all-powerful Serious Bomb

Stuff to note: you can download the games instantly after purchase via Steam, but please check the product page to ensure your system is compatible.

>> Get 75% off The Serious Sam Bundle ($24.99)

Written by Mark Myerson

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