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Get 70% Off 3 Years Of Unlimited Network Protection from VPN – $19

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As North Korea's hack of Sony has showed us, its hard to be safe online. However, running a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your devices ensures that you're securely connected and protects your data. Now, Gizmodo readers can get 70% off 3 years of VPN Unlimited's Premier Plan – $0.50/month for peace of mind online.


Top Features

  • Secure Public WiFi Connection
  • Unlimited bandwidth and connection speed
  • Bypass territory-restricted web sites (for example, access a blocked US website from inside China)
  • Works on up to 5 devices (Mac, PC, iOS, or Android)

If you're a gamer, hacker, or just Internet power user, you know how important security is online. For about 50 cents/month, you can connect to WiFi securely, anywhere. Interested? Head over to StackSocial for details:

>> Get 3 Years Of Unlimited Protection For $19 – 70% Off

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