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Get 55% Off The Panther Air Drone + HD Camera

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Have some spare dough lying around after christmas? Want to get in on the drone craze? StackSocial is offering a deal to Jalopnik readers on this huge quadcopter + mounted HD camera. The Panther is great for beginners, can do 360-degree flips, and for Jalopnik readers, is 55% off.


Top Features

  • This is a big quadcopter – 22.5" x 23" x 4"
  • Mounted adjustable camera to capture pictures & video (1 GB micro SD card is included)
  • 10 minute flight time
  • Built-in gyro stabilization
  • 360 degree flip stunt mode

This deal includes free shipping, but it's only available inside the US. 30 Day Warranty is included. Interested? Head to the link below:

>> Get 55% Off The Panther Air Drone w/ HD Camera – $110

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