This ZeroLemon battery pack is simply put... epic. It's shockproof and rain-resistant, has huge capacity at 20,000mAh, and best of all โ€“ it's outfitted with solar charging capabilities if you're stranded without power. Jalopnik readers get 50% off + Free Shipping .

The Zerolemon is rugged โ€“ it can handle the outdoors. In addition, it has enough capacity to charge an iPhone 6 more than 7 times over.

Here's the highlights:

  • Features a LED flashlight
  • Maximum output charger for iOS & Android devices
  • Dual output โ€“ can charge multiple devices at once
  • Works with any USB-compatible devices
  • Includes MicroUSB charging cable
  • Top rated lithium polymar battery

ZeroLemon includes free shipping inside the US and a 180 day manufacturer guarantee. Interested? Head for the link:

>> Get 50% Off ZeroLemon's 20,000 mAh SolarJuice Battery โ€“ $49.99 + Free Shipping


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