Get 47% off Life-Size Wall Decals (Star Trek, Comics, Characters, & More)

You'd normally think that looking out of a window is better than staring at a wall. But what if that wall was filled with a view of the Starship Enterprise? Or a life-size Spock giving you the Vulcan salute? Exactly. Kotaku readers can grab 47% off $150 worth of decals.


Those are just a couple of the designs available from the folks at LTL Prints, who are currently offering $150 of credit for $79 (that's a 47% discount). Along with more than 40 Star Trek designs — each available in multiple sizes up to seven feet tall — LTL's library includes eight million other images, from scenic photographs to famous paintings. The decals themselves are peel and stick self-adhesive, and can be moved and restuck at least a hundred times. They also look pretty sweet in the flesh, and they will stick to virtually anything, including windows and doors. You can check out their entire library of prints here.

To grab the discounted credit, head for the link…

>> Get 47% off Life-Size Decals

Here's how the decals shape up…

  • Larger than life prints: get prints up to 7 feet wide/tall
  • Easy installation: just peel and stick the self-adhesive print to almost any surface (can be moved up to 100 times)
  • Hang them anywhere: walls, windows, doors, and almost any flat surface
  • High quality: premium materials and revolutionary digital production technologies
  • 365-day money back guarantee: if you're not happy with your product they'll take care of you

…and here's how you can spend your credit…

  • Laptop – 1ft: $14.95
  • Big – 2ft: $24.95
  • Standard – 3ft: $49.95
  • Large – 4ft: $79.95
  • Life Size – 6ft: $129.95
  • Larger Than Life – 7ft: $149.95

Bear in mind that shipping costs are in addition to those prices. Interested? all the details are available via the link…


>> Get 47% off Life-Size Decals

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