Get 46% off the Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 with Aerial Camera

Most drones you see flying about are cool, but think about the fiendishly brilliant possibilities of a drone that's slim enough to fly virtually anywhere — like the palm-sized Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 – which for Gizmodo readers is 46% off.


Besides the potential for office high jinks, the advantages of such a small drone are fairly obvious — it can easily be stuffed into your bag, and you don't need an open sky to capture footage. Despite weighing just over an ounce, it has a mounted camera (a first on a quadcopter of this size) which can take photos and video, and in flight, it has a range of 400 feet. It is also self-stabilizing, which should help newbie pilots.

Right now, the Micro Drone 2.0 has 46% off, bringing the price down to $74.99, which includes free international shipping. Check out the link to grab the deal, or scroll down to see the Drone in action.

>> Get 46% off the Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 ($74.99 incl. shipping)

The Micro Drone's top features:

  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Range up to 400 feet (2.4GHZ transmitter)
  • Weighs just over an ounce
  • Pre-programmed algorithm to perform 360º flips
  • Includes 4 spare blades and a mini screwdriver for attaching the camera
  • Includes a 640-pixel camera

Bear in mind that this deal is only available in certain countries (please check the product page), but it comes with free global shipping. Also, you get a 90-day warranty. To grab the discount or for more details, head for the link…


>> Get 46% off the Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 ($74.99 incl. shipping)

Note: StackSocial offered this product around the holiday season last year, and it was a big hit. However, there were some complaints from customers about not receiving their tracking information. So, this time around, we've simplified and updated the process to include automated shipping info, and we've added a 90-day product warranty.


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