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The FC40 is amazing. It can beam back live, 720p video to your phone (iOS and Android) via Wi-Fi, while you pilot the drone up to 1/4 mile away. If you take your hands off the controls, the FC40 will simply auto-hover, and it also has GPS built in. This particularly comes into play when the drone's "go home" auto-pilot cuts in, which makes the Phantom return to base when needed.

>> Get $35 off the DJI Phantom FC40 – $464 with code "phantom35"

The FC40's major features…

  • Built-in Smart Camera – 2.4G camera shoots 720p/30fps HD video. Live camera feed via Wi-Fi up to 980 feet away
  • Ready to Fly Design – Minimal GPS setup required, excellent for beginners
  • Remote Control Unit – 5.8GHz remote control that operates up to 1/4 mile away
  • Auto Hover – No need to keep the throttle held down. Once elevated, this drone hovers at any height autoamtically
  • Failsafe Autopilot – Automatic GPS-based "go home" landing feature
  • Compatible with…iOS 6 or later (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch; app is optimized for iPhone 5); Android 2.2 or later

Bear in mind that this deal is continental US only, and shipping is free. All sales are final. Check out the link below for more details…

>> Get $35 off the DJI Phantom FC40 – $464 with code "phantom35"

Note: You can get this drone from Amazon and other outlets for $499. But only through StackSocial can you get an extra $35 off (down to $464) using the code "phantom35".


Written by Mark Myerson

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