Get 30% Off The SmartPlane – The iOS & Android Controlled Drone Plane

Piloting a plane (albeit a small replica) with your phone sounds like great fun...until you fly it into a tree. The SmartPlane fixes that by turning your crazy commands into intelligent rudder movements. Gizmodo readers can grab one for 30% off.


The controls are pretty intuitive, too — you control acceleration with the on-screen lever, and then tilt your phone or tablet (iOS or Android) to bank, climb or descend, and the required Bluetooth pairing is very straightforward. And even if you do manage to crash the SmartPlane, it's made of pretty durable EPP (expanded polypropylene). Flights last 8-15 minutes, but the battery happily only takes 13 minutes to charge. Scroll down for video and specs…

>> Get 28% off the phone-controlled SmartPlane ($49.99)

A summary of the SmartPlane's features…

  • Smartphone controlled and first of its kind worldwide
  • FlightAssist mode: autopilot-like support for better flights
  • Slow flying for longer flights and better control
  • Fully proportional rudder so your turns are smooth and stable
  • Touch and go — hold your phone close to the plane and you are connected within seconds

…the specs…

  • Weight: 0.4 oz
  • Dimensions: 8.7×8.7×3.2 in
  • Flight time: 8-15 min
  • Range: up to 200 feet
  • Charging time: 13 min

…and what you'll need…

  • For iOS: iPhone 4S or newer; iPod Touch 5th Gen or newer; iPad 3rd Gen or newer; iPad Mini
  • Android devices with Bluetooth Smart and running Android 4.3 or newer

Bear in mind that shipping is not included — prices range from $7.19 (CA, Arizona) to $18.17 (Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico) — and is limited to all 50 US States and Territories. Check out the link below for the details.

>> Get 28% off the phone-controlled SmartPlane ($49.99)

Written by Mark Myerson

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